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How To Use Origin's Importing Technology
How To Use Origin's Importing Technology

This is for when new companies switch to Origin and need help importing their existing bookings

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For new Origin users who need help adding their already booked trips to Origin, we've developed technology to make it easier and faster to get all of your info on Origin.

First: Make sure you have all of your Listings set up and configured how you want in Origin. This includes the Listing names, seats, prices, etc. These are used to map your imported bookings belonging to those Listings.

Second: Download Origin's Booking Import Template here to format your booking data (we've included examples on the sheet. Make sure to delete these examples prior to completing). Make a copy of the Google sheet or download the file as a CSV to complete it from your desktop.

Fields to complete and what they mean:

  • ID = Create a unique ID or provide an ID given for each booking. You can search for these bookings with this ID when they're imported.

  • event_name = This is the Listing name of the booking (it must match exactly to the Listings you have in Origin, case sensitivity)

  • date = Enter the start date YEAR-MONTH-DAY (e.g. 2022-02-01)

  • time = Enter the start time HR:MIN:SEC AM/PM (e.g. 5:00:00 AM)

  • notes = Any additional information that pertains to that specific booking

  • payment_total = The total payment amount for that booking (added as a note)

  • amount_paid = The amount actually paid (added as a note)

  • amount_due = The remaining amount due, that hasn't been paid yet (added as a note)

  • seats = The number of spots on the booking

  • email = The customer's email address

  • person_name = The customer's first and last name

  • phone = The customer's phone number

Important to know:

No email/text notifications for imported bookings

Customers who've already booked with you will not receive any text or email communications if they have been imported. This is because we don't know any previous system they're coming from and we cannot confirm if they're still receiving notifications from any previous system. We do this to prevent any confusion and frustration for your customers.

Searching for Bookings

You can search for these imported bookings in the Bookings tab, found by going to

Trips->Bookings. You can search by customer name, email, phone, and imported Booking ID.

Payments ARE NOT collected

We'll add notes for the amount you're owed so you can collect it manually. Like the email/text notifications, we do this because we don't know if any previous system is collecting payments.

Guides ARE NOT assigned to trips

You'll need to manually assign your Guides to the imported bookings. Here's how to manually assign guides to trips.

Currently For Private Trips Only

Currently, imports are only for Private bookings, meaning the booking belongs to just one individual group. If you have Public bookings to import, please contact our team and we can help you.

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